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Develop and run a curriculumonderdeel for our international master's programme in Hospitality Management, a leadership journey or trip. Accompanied by our international master students to learn more about themselves and to teach others (emotional intelligence) with the aim to be leaders of the future.


There is a programme developed in which " hard and heart – IQ and EQ meet together. This program consists of individual coaching, group coaching and workshops around leadership and project management. For the necessary variation to be individually and groepsmatig learn to alternate with each other. Continue to be conscious creative methods used to the emotional intelligence (EQ) in addition to rational intelligence (IQ) days. In the individual coaching of students is aware of attention for career choices with an eye for talent instead of what their environment expects of them. In group coaching focuses both on the development of an authentic vision of leadership as the ability of others to engage.

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Advanced change management
Leadership development & Co-creation of learning organisations

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